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At-Home Waxing | Save Your Coins

73% of American women currently remove their unwanted hairs from their legs, at least. This is more frequent during the warm summer months. If you are looking to wear a new sexy off-shoulder dress for an important weekend party, you need your unwanted hairs present in your body immediately. An easy solution which can be offered is at-home waxing. Waxing is very easy to do at home provided that you get used to the temporary pain and follow the basic guidelines explained below.

What is the length of the hair you are waxing?

Being a woman you love to reveal your soft and shiny skin, which is free from any unwanted hair. However, one of the challenges faced At Home Waxing lies in the fact that your hair should be ΒΌ the of an inch before it can be waxed. Thus, most women complain that they have to wait for some time before they can wax their unwanted hairs again. Also, if your hair is long, it would be a good idea to trim them before you wax them at home. Cindy Barshop from Completely Bare- Salons explains that once the long hairs are trimmed off, the pain would be much less. When you wax your unwanted hairs on a regular basis, you sometimes might suffer from ingrown hair.

Have you heard about the baby-powder pre-wax?

Most women suffer from acute pain during waxing, as their skin has moisture in them. A simple trick to observe here is to of baby powder over the area which would be waxed. The baby powder would immediately then you can enjoy your waxing.

What is the temperature of the wax you are using?

Cindy Barshop explains the significance of testing the wax temperature before you apply it. Cindy explains that if the hot wax is too hot, your skin would burn and if it is cold, then it will not spread evenly over the surface of your skin. Thus, you would wax your unwanted hairs properly.

How are you pulling the cloth during your waxing?

In a saloon, the professionals know how to use the cloth correctly, to remove your unwanted hairs during waxing. However, At Home Waxing sessions, you are still learning and trying to do the right things. Most experts would recommend the fact that when you apply the cloth over the wax applied area; then apply it following your hair growths direction. Leave the cloth on the wax, for a minute and then suddenly pull the cloth, using a simple pull action which is opposite to the direction in which your body hair is growing. The technique might sound simple, but it would be some time before you well.

Apply pressure over the waxed area

Once you have pulled off the cloth containing unwanted hair and wax, you would feel a twinge of pain. It is essential that you apply pressure in the area immediately. This would soothe the pain and also make the waxed skin area less sensitive.

Limit the number of times you wax a specified area

Cindy Barshop explains that a single waxed area should not be waxed more than twice. The main reason behind this being is that the skin gets stressed out. In case you still have a few hairs in this area, you can remove it by using simple tweezers.