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Deep Tissue Massage Technique and Information

The deep tissue massage is a kind of therapeutic treatment that helps address specific problems due to muscle pains and tears from constant or repeated strain. It works on areas that have rigid and aching tissue due to chronic muscle injuries and overexertion. It requires a thorough application of pressure to the muscles involved to relax and free up those rigid muscles and connective tissue bands. The removal of chronic tension, connective tissue adhesions, and some trigger points can help resolve problems; such as restricted mobility, recurring pains, muscular spasms, and less optimal posture. This is one of the oldest types of touch therapies and it remains a favorite to this day. Nonetheless, conducting a deep tissue massage can be good for one’s health and is not that difficult to implement with experience and training.

Pressure on Adhesions

When conducting a deep tissue massage, you need to remember that the focus is on applying steady and thorough pressure to the muscle under the skin. This means you may go from using your fingers to your knuckles, or even your elbows. Whatever the case, the idea is to emphasize the point of contact and to stimulate the areas that feel as though they have the most tension from the appearance of “knots” and “banding.” These knots and banding could be from trigger points or muscle fibers that contract and stick together. They could also be fascial adhesions which occur when the connective tissue becomes stuck together.

Versus Trigger Point Massage

Technically, a trigger point massage focuses on removing knots in both the muscle and connective tissue that cause Myofascial Pain Syndrome (MPS). A deep tissue massage focuses on removing chronic tension and scar tissue via slow strokes and deep pressure. However, at times, a deep tissue massage may be referenced as helping to smooth out trigger points and fascial adhesions. Likewise, to some people, they may mean the same since both could be combined in one massage. Just remember this, so you can avoid confusion later on.


When you administer the deep tissue massage; start by using your hands or fingertips to stimulate the tense areas by placing pressure and motion against Also, ask this individual to let you know when the application of pressure becomes too painful. Continue to administer slow strokes with deep pressure across the problem areas of the body. Finally, inform the recipient that stiffness and slight discomfort may exist after the massage but should not last more than 2 days.

Before giving a deep tissue massage, the best learning experience is to actually go out and receive one. We all have muscle pains and specific tense areas on our bodies. So this is a great opportunity to pick up a few tips and tricks from licensed practitioners. It is also good to experience the deep tissue massage benefits firsthand.

Back Massage

The back rub is perhaps one of the most comforting back massage techniques. It is popular since many people are interested in these treatments to prevent or treat back pain and other related ailments. Due to our hectic schedules, stresses in the world, rigorous activities, and so on; our back muscles can become tight and full of knots. When this occurs, our performance and way of life can be affected in a detrimental fashion.

Due to these tough economic times, it may be difficult to visit a trained massage professional on a consistent basis (if at all). Likewise, alternative and cost-effective back massage techniques may become the preferred options. While the best massages are still those administered by trained and certified professionals; it may not be impossible for laymen to apply some of these strategies.

Rolled Up Towel

The rolled up towel is one of the cost-effective back massage techniques you could use. It consists of folding a bath towel in half and rolling it up tightly. Then you will place this altered …